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Friday, September 27, 2013

"I Won't Grow Up" is my new theme song.

Once upon a time, I had a fabulous college roommate who would always send me emails with titles of songs. So this post is from "Peter Pan" because I really don't want my cute, adorable, innocent, sweet kids to grow up. And I really don't want to grow up either. I want to capture these moments in a jar, put them on a shelf and preserve it so I can enjoy it sometime in the future when my new theme song is from Bye Bye Birdie: "Kids! What's the Matter with kids these days?"

But, for now, I have my little proverbial mason jar open and ready to fill. 

Thanks to a fabulous conversation with my darling sister Sarah, I've decided to finally update my blog. Why? Well, because I know at least one person will read it and appreciate it!

I'm a visual person, however, so I much prefer sharing my life through pictures rather than words. Although a good combination of the two seems to work best.

So, first, Christmas 2012 was fun. Mark and Lily are best buddies:
But that was 9 months ago.

About 5 months ago, we had a fun trip to the Texas Ranger Museum and the kids played dress up, got a friend to make some AMAZING cupcakes and birthday cake for Mark's 7th birthday and Lily's 3rd birthday, and had some fun wading in the water while hiking out by Lampasas:

And here we are together and Aunt Tennie's 90th birthday this past July:

Lily is such a ham, she just cracks me up all the time. She says cute things all the time, and is counting to 60 almost all by herself, she can identify the number 100 and 1000, and is starting to read some very basic words. She LOVES to read. 

Mark is a quiet, shy fun and crazy kid. He's smart when it comes to building with legos and figuring out solutions to problems. He seems to enjoy 2nd grade so far, and is an awesome big brother to Lily. But he definitely has a crazy side to him, as you can see in his school picture below. I asked him if he did that face on purpose, and he said yes. And I asked, "Why? Why can't you just smile normal for the picture? What's the problem?" He replied, "I'm just crazy Mommy. That's the problem."

So, Sarah (and whoever else may actually stumble across this blog), I sure hope this blog was worth the wait. :-)

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  1. Yay!!! Thanks for the update! Mark is so funny in that picture! I don't think I would have had the nerve to smile like that in 2nd grade for a school picture. Mark and Lily are just too cute! I'm excited for Megan to run around with them this Christmas!


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